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Frequently Asked Questions

What precautions does the office take to ensure safety regarding COVID-19?

We have a crew that santizes our offices regularly, and we offer hand sanitizer in the office.  We encourage you to wear your protective equipment i.e. mask and gloves so that you feel safe and protected.  If you still don't feel comfortable, we will gladly meet with you via telehealth.

How long is a standard therapy session?

Typically, a standard session is 50 minutes in length, but we also offer longer sessions if needed.

How long does it take before I start to feel better?

This is a tricky question. Some people will see and feel the benefits of psychotherapy sooner than others.  There is no specific time frame, as each person's issues and reasons for coming to therapy are different.  We work collaboratively with our clients and we determine the course of treatment together.

Do you offer sliding scale rates?

We reserve a select number of session slots per week for sliding scale clients.  Contact us regarding your financial needs and we can come up with a solution together.

What are my options if you don't take my insurance?

We can offer you a detailed receipt, also called a superbill, which you can use to request reimbursement from your insurance company.  When you choose this option, you are responsible for up-front session costs and obtaining reimbursement from your insurance company directly.

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